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Laughing Gas Cracker

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Laughing Gas Cracker

A laughing gas cracker is a must-have at every party

A laughing gas cracker is a handy tool to safely get the laughing gas out of your whipped cream charger. It takes just seconds. The two-part cracker can be screwed and unscrewed. There is just enough space for a whipped cream charger in between the two parts. You can slide a balloon over the nozzle to fill it with the laughing gas. Break the seal of the cartridge by screwing the two parts together. Then slightly open the cracker to release the N₂O into the balloon. The EnjoyGas crackers ensure that the contents of the entire cartridge is released into the balloon.


Ordering was easy and delivery was very fast. Can order everything at once for a good price.

Richard Cochet
What a fantastic company! I wanted to laugh and I succeeded too good service and fast delivery.

(Re) ordered at the last minute but still delivered to storage the same day!

Estelle Dembélé

High-quality gas, and a wide range of n2o tanks. Something for everyone and excellent service!

Renaud Brassard

There was a mistake made with my order, but I called and it was resolved immediately, top service !!

Very high quality, wide range and sturdy and discreetly packaged!
Frankie Ward

Order some laughing gas tanks and receive it in no time! There are bad suppliers, but enjoygas always has quality, top service!

Gaston Charbonnier